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The Providence Group is a Calgary based, multi-family development company, with an inner city focus in creating boutique communities. Providence has an experienced management team with a solid track record of delivering high quality and distinctive multi-family residential projects.

A development company focused on creating value for our homeowners, The Providence Group has a disciplined yet unique approach to implement leading innovation with a commitment to excellence in design. Adjusting to the realities and opportunities of today's economy, The Providence Group remains value focused to provide a high quality product at a price point that exceeds homeowner's expectations.

The Providence Group also takes seriously its corporate responsibility to contribute to the people and communities that they serve. Projects are supported both locally and internationally providing opportunity through education and a focus on economic sustainability for the communities they serve.


V&V and Providence are committed to communities – in both Calgary and faraway places like Africa. We’re honoured to be a small part of an exciting sustainable development initiative in the village of Bulembu, Swaziland. Bulembu is the site of a former mining town that went bankrupt in the early nineties.

Today, the village is being transformed into a self-sustaining community where orphaned and vulnerable children are given access to quality education, health services, stable family structures, employment and hope for the future. In a small, marginalized nation devastated by AIDS, transforming Bulembu is a large, ambitious project. It takes a village to raise a child, and that’s exactly what Bulembu is doing – providing orphaned children with the resources, education and family structures they need to become tomorrow’s leaders and restore the social fabric of Swaziland.

Bulembu is changing that. With the help of a network of giving partners, Bulembu is working to create futures for orphaned children by transforming this once-bankrupt town into a thriving, self-sustaining community.

Together, we are making a measureable difference in the lives of many. As part of our commitment, we and our development partners are donating funds for the following projects:

Community Enterprise:
- equipment for a yogurt and dairy juice blends manufacturing facility that builds on the success of the existing dairy business
- a container of 500mL bottles and coolers for expanding the existing spring water filtration and bottling business

Community Care:
- a new dining hall for 200 orphaned children
- two new school classrooms for the Bulembu Christian Academy High School

To learn more about how Bulembu is shaping the future of Swaziland, visit